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December Issue On Sale Now.
Get in the Christmas spirit with the December issue of Girl Power. We’ve got stacks of pressies to give away. gorgeous gifts to make for family and friends and so much more. Get excited Girl Powerettes.

Another thing we’re pumped for is Taylor Swift’s Aussie tour inexpensive parajumpers w long bear down parka , parajumpers web store . Inside. we get all the tour goss and the scoop on her new movie role – exciting. Plus. find out the latest on Justin Bieber. Cody Simpson and Katy Perry.

Also this issue. learn to make a pinata cake parajumpers w long bear down parka . check out the fab flicks heading your way and discover new apps to get addicted to. Each issue comes with bonus nail polish and nail stickers. so get your mitts on the latest issue right about… NOW parajumpers w long bear down parka licence .

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Seasons greetings girls parajumpers w long bear down parka . Our super duper Christmas issue of Girl Power is on sale now. Okay. so it’s only November. but we’ll get you in the Christmas spirit with festive craft and cooking. a Christmas spesh of Whoops Corner and a huge wish list of goodies. Plus… one lucky girl will WIN all 20 gifts on the list. Amazing.

We’ve also got the totally beautiful Taylor Swift on the cover and she’s been named GP’s Girl of the Year. Why. Well… you’ll just have to see inside. (Plus. duh. she’s so completely awesome. )

There’s also so much showbiz goss in the December issue – Victoria Justice gets put to the test. plus we give you a rundown on all the fun flicks that are hitting cinemas these school holidays.

One of our fave parts of the mag is the quiz-o-rama mini-mag – it’s BURSTING with fun quizzes that will keep you busy until Santa comes.

So pick up a copy of the December issue – it’s on sale NOW.

P. S. Have you signed up to our e-newsletter authentic parajumpers w long bear down parka . It’s filled with the latest goss from GP HQ PLUS the chance to win cool prizes. Just enter your email address in the top right hand corner of this page where it says “join our mailing list”.

Tags. Christmas parajumpers w long bear down parka . cooking. craft. December. E-newsletter. girl power. Prizes. Taylor Swift. Victoria Justice

Hello Girl Powerettes.

This is a very magical monday indeed. Want to know why. Well… the December issue of Girl Power is on sale today and Hermione is on the cover. Look at the way she’s holding that wand… we sure wouldn’t want to mess with her. Hee hee parajumpers w long bear down parka sales .

Do you want to find out more about the latest Harry Potter flick. We’ve got an A to Z of Harry inside. plus loads of info on Hermione and the ever-enchanting Emma Watson. There’s also a magical mini-magazine filled with magical munchies. spells. magic tricks. fun quizzes and puzzles. plus… we got to interview a REAL witch. Wow, parajumpers arches jacket .

We got pretty excited about all things magical this month parajumpers kodiak women down parka . but we haven’t forgotten about another big event looming on the horizon… Christmas. Yay. There’s a special Christmas Comperama. complete with stacks of prizes to win. plus cool craft projects. a Christmas charity spesh and a fun festive guide. Of course. you guys are all SO special to us. so the mag comes with a Christmas gift from us to you… a bestie book and pretty pen para jumper jacket cost . Yippee parajumpers pjs kodiak .

We’ve also packed the mag full of your fave celebs – we chat to Short Stack about their latest album parajumpers new denali dam . give you the latest on Jess Mauboy and go behind the scenes on the latest Narnia flick with Georgie Henley.

There’s also a summer splash fashion shoot that will have you rushing to the pool. plus we show how YOU how to get Hilary Duff’s cute hairdo.

So parajumpers hooded coat . to use one of our fave Harry Potter Spells… ACCIO GIRL POWER. Or.. in normal speak… get Girl Power now. You’ll love it.

Hugs and smiles

The Enchanting GP Team xx

p. s. We’ve plastered the posters of Justin Bieber. Cody Simpson. Taylor Swift and Liam Hemsworth all over our walls. So cute.

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