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Holiday Foreplay with Linda Wisdom
Today on the blog we have Linda Wisdom. author of the Demons series. The second installment activation parajumpers usaf . A Demon Does it Better (My Review). is coming out in early January so if you’re not up-to-date on the series there’s still time. I loved Demons are a Girl’s Best Friend (My Review) and have an ARC of the 2nd book that’s calling my name…

How many love this time of year. The bright colors. energy. music. and even those frantic last shopping trips.

I’ve been asked how the witches in my books celebrate Christmas.

That’s easy parajumpers usaf . The same way we do. After all. we are talking shopping parajumpers usaf inexpensive . there’s no witch alive who doesn’t love hitting the stores and sales. indulging in all sorts of sweet treats. and attending parties parajumpers usaf .

Jazz and Krebs genuine parajumpers usaf . her housemate. put up a large tree every year where Jazz directs Krebs and Nick on where it’s to be placed and how the lights have to be draped. Could she use her magick to have it fully decorated. Of course. But why do that when she has more fun doing it the mundane way parajumpers usaf . The good thing is she uses her power to whip up sugary goodies or she visits the local bakery and See’s Candies. Jazz might be a witch of many talents. but cooking and baking isn’t one of them. And when the night morphs from Christmas Eve to Christmas morning. Jazz and Nick make sure gifts from Santa are under the tree for Fluff and Puff. Those bunny slippers insist on their share of loot. And Nick ensures there’s plenty of presents there for Jazz too.

Stasi and Blair still share their living quarters over their shops even if Blair spends most of her nights with Jake, buy parajumpers online canada . her Were Border Collie hottie, parajumpers valbruna . Easier for Trev. Stasi’s wizard lover to spend time with her parajumpers usaf cheap . Thanks to their mountain town. trees are all around them and they do make use of their magick to turn them into shimmering delights parajumpers wlong parka masterpiece long jacket . A party for the townspeople is always held where the witches show off their culinary skills and have fun with holiday music sing-alongs. It’s your typical old fashioned Christmas and they wouldn’t have it any other way parajumpers yellow strap . Although they do have to keep Horace out of the gifts under the tree and Bogie even does his share of sniffing looking for special treats.

Maggie may be a kick ass witch. but she does have a soft spot for holidays, parajumpers hughes parka . With a house. her demon lover. Declan. and a teenage ward in her life. she has the chance to turn the house into a holiday masterpiece. sing Christmas carols (even if she can’t carry a tune to save her life) and even heads to the mall with an excited Courtney in tow. For once she’s not the one being dragged and even the energetic teenager can’t keep up with her. If you want to find Maggie just look for the house that’s so lit up you can probably see it from the moon parajumpers jacke damen rot .

Lili is a bit more reserved during the holidays. Since she doesn’t have immediate family she’s always willing to work those days so her co workers can spend time with their loved ones parajumpers wgobi jacket . Yes. even magickal beings love celebrating this time of year. That doesn’t stop her from not helping decorate the ER or assist in the Pediatrics Ward. Although you can find Cleo. yes THAT Cleo. her Persian up there with the kids as she entertains them with her stories about her time in Ancient Egypt. Luckily. she leaves out the details of her time with Julius Cesar and Marc Anthony. Lili brings in sweet treats from the magickal plane. Inderman and a few times she’s even had to care for Santa Claus for flying injuries or tummy aches from too many cookies para jumper jacket norge .

I’ve always said they’re a lot like we mundane folk even if magick is a part of their lives. But then. that’s the fun part. isn’t it.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.


Linda is giving away an ARC of A Demon Does it Better plus a hexy tote bag with goodies to one lucky follower parajumpers light long bear brown . US and Canadian mailing addresses only. Please read my Giveaway Policy before entering. parajumpers usaf


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