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The Way We Were…and Should be Again
I was recently inspired by a colleague’s blog on his family business and the true meaning of “work ethic” and “customer service”. It gave me a warm and welcoming feeling like the kind I get when I walk into my local bakery or grocery store or butcher. There’s something inherently comforting knowing that I am being valued and appreciated and that the standard of product and service I will be receiving will be impeccable. It makes me want to come back – again and again.

I am very loyal. I had the same hairdresser for 30 years get parajumpers ski jackets . I travel out of my way to visit the “cheese guy” who I trust implicitly to design my après dinner delights. and I bow to my favourite sushi chef who I allow to tell me what I want for dinner as opposed to the other way around. Why would I want to look elsewhere.

That doesn’t seem to be the case so much these days. It’s all about the quick hit. short term gain. instant gratification; people don’t seem to want to take the time. nor expend the energy. they want it all and they want it now. Well. relationships parajumpers ski jackets . the foundation upon which a solid public relations practice is built. cannot be forced nor can they be rushed. Corporations who get “it” enjoy longevity. stability and brand loyalty through the generations. And when they screw up. cause people inevitably do. then I have no problem giving them the benefit of the doubt and cutting them slack. Cause that’s what friends do.

We’re not accountants or corporate lawyers. but why do many PR agency professionals insist on dressing the part. This question plagues my mind at night as I toss and turn amidst bouts of insomnia. counting the tiny number of bumps in my popcorn ceiling.

Ok. that was mildly exaggerated. BUT it is a topic I often think about.

As a professional in a creative field. it makes sense to show a little bit of personality and style when dressing for the job. Now. I’m not saying wear flip flops and overalls to the office. because they’re never ok. but I do think it’s time to leave the 1960s rule book at home. Yes. Don Draper is THE MAN. I get it. but restrictive suits. ties and (for women) nude pantyhose don’t need to be your every day.

Now there are times when it’s appropriate. of course. For example. your agency could be pitching a conservative client; attending a high level meeting or presenting at a global conference. All scenarios where you might want to find your Sunday best, parajumpers long bear sand .

But what if you’re in a brainstorm for the latest energy drink. Or working with a fashion-forward new designer. As PR professionals we’re expected to be in-the-know and “on trend” and sometimes that ill-fitting tweed blazer with oversized shoulder pads isn’t the best demonstration of that.

Just like food. exercise and sleep. fashion trends should be used in moderation. Brightly painted nails. leather biker jackets. colourful socks and even (gasp. ) jeans can be incorporated into your wardrobe if you’re properly prepared parajumpers ski jackets 2015 . Just leave a spare blazer and nice shoes in the office and you’ll be fancied up in no time. Seriously parajumpers ski jackets . Superman will have nothing on you.

If there is any doubt about whether I am frustrated. cynical or just plain grumpy over this CASL law. the answer is yes to all three. I might feel differently if I was a lawyer. or could have one permanently on staff. but that’s not the case.

As CEO of energi PR. a mid-sized. independently owned. Canadian public relations firm. I am trying to understand why Canada’s anti-spam law needed to be so complicated and costly to implement. The law applies to all individuals and businesses sending commercial electronic messages (CEMs) and so. ignorance or a lack of sophistication or resources will presumably not be an excuse to be deviant. And so the rational part of my brain says genuine parajumpers ski jackets . wait a minute all you small and medium-sized business that form the cornerstone of the Canadian economy and are trying to do business. win business and stay in business. why would anyone want to penalize those Canadian businesses who do not send SPAM. Ours is the business of public relations. We tell stories. From important medical discoveries to the colour of a new lipstick – and everything in between. Those who take these stories and develop them for their audiences and communities generally want to hear from us and. even when they occasionally might become annoyed by a bit of persistence. they would hardly describe our email communications as SPAM.

Yes. we want to ENLARGE our client’s business and our own. but does this compare in any way with penis enlargement supplements. the latest weight loss scheme or an invitation to meet the woman or man of your dreams.

Make no mistake. energi PR is CASL compliant. We’ve distributed our consent requests. hired one of the country’s most knowledgeable internet law specialists. engaged our IT team. implemented a contact management system. ensured that our email signatures provide an unsubscribe function. trained our team. documented our procedures and anointed a Compliance Officer. Can you imagine any better use of our resources.

As I said at the start of this rant. I am tired and grumpy about all of the machinations and cost that CASL has imposed parajumpers ski jackets . But I am also sympathetic to those in PR and in other businesses who simply do not have the wherewithal to jump into the CASL action. parajumpers ski jackets retail . The Canadian Council of Public Relations Firms. an industry association that represents more than 25 of Canada’s leading PR firms. of which energi PR is a founding member. has further supported its members by obtaining its own legal opinion that focuses on our stock and trade. including communications with journalists. The Canadian Public Relations Society webinar explaining CASL is another valuable resource for our profession parajumpers gobi jacket review .

I agree that SPAM is annoying and efforts should be made to eliminate it. I also don’t think that the authors of CASL were intentionally mean-spirited. But sometimes even the very best of intentions come back to bite one on the butt. My sense is that CASL will have little impact on the email junk we’ve received to date and convinced that unnecessary obstacles have been put in place for honest. legitimate individuals and companies that want to be profitable and contribute to Canada’s economy and society. I would have much rather have made a charitable donation than pour thousands of dollars into CASL compliance.

As a final note. I started in business before fax machines were invented, buy parajumpers chicago . Who knows. maybe making the Canadian commercial email message such a villain will force us back into personal business interaction. which wouldn’t be so bad.

Carol Levine (@Carol_levine) is co-founder and Managing founder of energi PR. digital. communications. an award-winning independently owned Canadian PR consultancy established in 1990 with offices in Toronto and Montreal. energi PR is the Canadian affiliate of the Public Relations Global Network. providing expertise in consumer and healthcare public relations to national and multinational brands. Carol is the immediate past Chair of the Canadian Council of Public Relations firms and is a 2013 Inductee in the Canadian Healthcare Marketing Hall of Fame as well as a Fellow of the Canadian Public Relations Society.

Maybe I’m getting old parajumpers anchorage jacket . but after almost seven years in the industry I’m beginning to feel a growing sense of disconnect between myself and many of the new graduates I’ve met lately. I grew up with parents who ingrained that hard work pays off ethic into me at an early age. My first job. at 14. was a paper route which I thoroughly despised (braving the elements with a cart full of newspapers is not my forte). and so as soon as I was able I get a “proper” job. I did. It was at a pharmacy and that job remained a constant fixture in my life for a good seven years as I went through numerous other part-time jobs and paid my way through school.

But I digress.

The root of this disconnect is this sense of entitlement that seems to exist in today’s young workforce. New PR school graduates may have the theory down. but doesn’t mean they are immediately capable of putting it into practice. A good PR practitioner has years of experience under their belt. Media monitoring and reporting. for example. is often viewed with disdain. but it’s actually an ideal task to ease new PR practitioners into their roles. So what am I missing. Do they not realize the importance of this vital task, parajumpers jacket italy . Securing and sharing editorial coverage is what we get paid for. Arguably. it is one of the most important tasks we do parajumpers online norge . alongside media relations.

The industry has also advanced a lot in the years since I was an intern. I remember having to come in earlier than my colleagues to read each newspaper and magazine. This was followed by ninja-like Google searches. Then I’d scan and format each clip one by one in a nicely formatted word document and evaluate MANUALLY to get a dollar value (ruler and calculator in hand) parajumpers portland sale .

Nowadays most agencies use programs like Cision which do all this for you – that’s right. all of it parajumpers italy . See these new graduates are unlikely to ever experience a world where newspaper-stained fingers are a daily occurrence. or where sourcing event decor or product for a mailer meant running around Chinatown in the middle of a snowstorm in 4 inch heels. They can just go online.

I think what new graduates need to understand is that in every job. and at every level. there is some tedious (and maybe undesirable) work to be done parajumpers jacket new york . It’s inescapable. But. if you can check your ego at the door. you’ll be just fine. trust me.

In the spirit of Hemingway where “all are apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master. ” many PR agencies recently sent their senior communicators to the Fourth Annual PR Agency Boot Camp. hosted by the Canadian Council of Public Relations Firms and the Canadian Public Relations Society.

PANKs. pics and gimmicks were some of the top takeaways from six members of the APEX PR crew in Marketing Magazine’s PR Filter.

To help organizations and leaders adapt to change and transformation. CASACOM announced today. the creation of CASACADEMY. a professional development centre; STRUCTURAL PR™. an exclusive systematic approach to public relations; and a manifesto that elevates the value of Public Relations (PR) as an essential component of business.

“CEOs and leaders are facing unprecedented challenges as they seek to innovate and transform their organizations. ” said Marie-Josée Gagnon. APR. CEO and Founder of national PR firm CASACOM. “With our business-focused approach to public relations built around these three new initiatives. we help leaders build solid organizations focused on sustainable growth and common good. ” To learn more. please watch her video.

After months of consultation with industry experts. CASACOM opened CASACADEMY. a new professional development center in Montreal and in Toronto. The center will welcome CEOs. senior executives. communications practitioners and spokespeople. CASACADEMY offers a rigorous and unique action-based learning process overseen by a team of experienced coaches and trainers who customize offerings to organizational needs parajumpers ski jackets . This highly effective program delivers immediate. tangible results to time-strapped business professionals.

“CASACADEMY has been in place internally for several years to support the professional development of our employees. and now we are making it available to clients. ” said Stéphane Ethier. Director. CASACADEMY. “We offer a different approach to learning and development. Much more than a training centre. CASACADEMY is designed to result in the highest possible level of professional development to achieve business impact. ”

CASACOM also launched STRUCTURAL PR™. a systematic approach that uses public relations as a powerful means for stronger. more sustainable organizations. STRUCTURAL PR™ builds on the synergies between an organization’s vision. brand and its relationships. Using a set of innovative methodologies and tools. it integrates public relations firmly with business objectives and metrics to accelerate success.

“With STRUCTURAL PR™. we’ve combined our vision of public relations that we’ve used successfully over the last 13 years. It’s a proven approach for more authentic and effective leadership. ” explained Gagnon.

CASACOM is also sharing its manifesto. which outlines its vision for public relations as an essential component to build and strengthen businesses. The manifesto clearly enunciates the value that PR offers when integrated throughout an organization.


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