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Archive for april 2014
On Thursday. the 10th of April. I arrived in Denmark. and I hadn’t even left the baggage claim area. before seeing three young tourists. on what looked like being their first time in Denmark. taking a photo in front of a big Carsberg beer add claiming ‘Denmark. the happiest nation in the world – that calls for a Carlsberg. ’ The reason for the pay-off is that Denmark has recently been elected the happiest nation in the world through the World Happiness Report activation parajumpers parka kids . and apparently in no other place are the people happier than in Denmark.

When you fly into Arlanda airport. Stockholm’s airport. you will be greeted by a big sign welcoming you to ‘Stockholm. the capital of Scandinavia parajumpers parka kids . ’ So the peculiar thing about this statement is that no democratic election ever took place

as to who would enjoy the privilege of crowning themselves the capital of Scandinavia. It was merely the branding savvy Swedes. who one day decided it would be a good marketing strategy to name themselves the capital of Scandinavia. Very clever indeed. So here’s an important lesson to learn for the laid-back parajumpers parka kids sale . relaxed and humble Danes from our more aggressive neighbours. we. the Danes. have OFFICIALLY been elected Paradise on Earth. Let’s just bang it out to the world parajumpers parka kids . Especially because the Happiest Nation selection is taking place once a year. and next time we may not find ourselves winning the gold medal and being overtaken by a country, ioffer parajumpers kodiak . where the weather is even worse and the tax even higher.

My thought about using this fine title in a more structured way came to me on a recent trip to Ukraine buy parajumpers parka kids . I went there for Kiev Fashion Days (muusings. muuse. com/mbkfd). and I was going to give a talk to some of the young and up-coming designers and students of fashion design parajumpers parka kids . Prior to my departure. I had done some research as to what the designers would be like. what I could perhaps expect to see. and how Kiev. an unusual country in terms of fashion compared to the more famous Paris. Milano etc.. was perceived as by foreigners parajumpers parka kids official . I asked some young Russian designers. and what they more or less all said was that Kiev designers are very creative.

So what I proposed to the Kiev designers was to kind of unite under the flag of being the New Creative Ones on the Block. Needless to say. each individual designer should follow his or her own taste. style and path. but repeating the message of being creative when asked during interviews would make people becoming accustomed to this. and. I believe parajumpers jacket china . most likely starting to see and recognize just this parajumpers the long bear black down parka . The industry would have a crucial role to fill in backing up this image. and actually this marketing strategy is more intended for them than each individual designer, parajumpers jackets london . If I didn’t spread my message to them, parajumpers sale canada . it was because. it was the designers. I got to talk to. What I’m trying to say is that a joint group of people saying one thing is stronger than individuals giving different messages. It’s like a brand always repeating the same pay-off parajumpers jakke pris . Also. I would say that as a new fashion city. you hardly have any other choice than to play the We’re the Creatives card.

To be honest. I don’t know if we’re the happiest nation in the world. I’ve lived many years in Italy parajumpers hoodies . and I have to admit that it’s a place where people are very good at getting the best out of what they have. And I’ve heard similar stories from other countries ebay parajumpersdamen . where people have even less in terms of material goods hvor selges parajumpers oslo . Perhaps in Denmark. we’re happy in a different way sleeping tranquilly at night knowing that we live in one of the safest places in the world with peace and an important social security system. But regardless of whether we are or not. just like questioning if Stockholm is indeed the Pearl of the North. the thought of what would happen if we started using the message on a national branding level is indeed. I believe. very interesting.

(image is from pursuing. parisian parajumpers parka kids . com).


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