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parajumpers marisol 6

A Barbecue Stain on My White T-Shirt
I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend buy parajumpers marisol 6 . Ours was awesome parajumpers marisol 6 . I didn’t do near as much as I would have liked so that means next weekend my kitchen schedule is PACKED with bread making. granola making. muffin making. crockpot chronicle making. etc etc…Hopefully the weather will be nice enough to stain our deck and get the backyard prepped for the bobcat too.

On Saturday we drove out to my folks place to check out all of the renovations that they’ve done (they just put their house up for sale and we wanted to have a look with it all “staged” and such) and picked up our new BBQ. Obviously we had to BBQ something for dinner to celebrate so I made up four of these babies in the afternoon so they could sit and martinize (normal people say MARINATE but normal is so overrated in my books ) in the fridge until it was grill time.

This is just ground turkey made into patties, parajumpers vermont m . I spiced the ground turkey up with some Epicure spices (Montreal chicken rub. Barbecue rub. beef & steak rub. 3 onion dip mix. French onion dip mix and mixed garlic) with some Worcestershire. diced red onion. an egg for a binder and some All Bran flakes parajumpers marisol 6 buy . I love using crushed up All Bran flakes instead of breadcrumbs in things like meatballs. homemade burgers. meatloaf. etc. It’s another one of those “sneaky sneaky” ways to increase fiber content of a meal AND you won’t notice that it wasn’t breadcrumbs being used.

I did make a rookie mistake and let Jefferson SEE the meat mixture BEFORE being mixed so he saw the bran flakes and turned up his nose…true to form

Yes folks I do keep food secrets from my husband. What he doesn’t know is in his food won’t kill him. In fact it WILL make him stronger As soon as he finds out what’s in it. even if he LOVES the meal before knowing the ingredients. he will not want to eat it again, para jumper jacket men . Is keeping secrets shameful. Not these kinds of secrets parajumpers marisol 6 . teehee

I practically had to take over BBQ’ing so he wouldn’t eat these babies on the spot.


His(can you tell he’s a Denver Bronco’s FREAK official parajumpers marisol 6 . I kid you not we have Denver Broncos christmas tree lights. christmas wreaths parajumpers marisol 6 . clocks. blankets, parajumpers edmonton . floor mats parajumpers marisol 6 for sale . pencils. pens. license plate thingies and enough clothing to cloth a small village. Ask me how I feel about that )

Here’s a closeup of the magic with some homestyle fries and corn on the cob. We of course ate our burgers on our homemade whole wheat & multigrain buns. Toppings for me including pickles. tomato. lettuce. ketchup and mustard.

Verdict. Success. Jeff absolutely LOVED these burgers and I will say that I did as well. I am not a fan of ground beef AT ALL so I never eat burgers but I will definitely be making and eating homemade turkey burgers on a regular basis. What I will be doing tonight is making up a whole bunch of patties. freezing half conveniently for Jeff and then keeping the other half in the fridge to be BBQ’d this week sometime parajumpers it . Again the main reason why I love these burgers is because I know exactly what is in them(all good stuff) AND my husband loves them parajumpers long bear black leather . What’s cuter than that. parajumpers long down coat .

In other news Jeff and I went out and bought a Canon Rebel T3i on Saturday afternoon parajumpers buy online . This thing really is incredible but it’s really intimidating at the same time.

I started my day with an aerobic and strength training DVD followed by a warm bowl of whipped banana oatmeal topped with homemade granola and some home peacashia butter parajumpers wadirondack long parka . On this miserably cold day. oatmeal was the only breakfast that would satisfy me. Mission accomplished.

Along with a side salad and an unphotographed apple review parajumpers jacket .

I was craving sushi again yesterday (big shocker there) so I just made extra for lunch today. Easy peasy.

The salad is made up of romaine. cucumbers parajumpers marisol 6 . yellow pepper. dried cranberries. apple chunks and almond pieces. Sprayed with some balsamic vinegar. Yummers.

Well now I am off to finish the rest of this Monday.

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