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The Travel Bug & My Travel Bucket List
I love to travel.

But really. lets face it – who doesn’t genuine parajumpers kodiak women down parka .

When I was growing up. I didn’t travel much. We spent most of my summers. long weekends. and holidays at my grandparents farm – which was definitely a vacation every time we went. and one of my most cherished memories from my childhood – but it’s not the same as travelling to a foreign country, parajumpers gobi uk .

The most exciting place I’d ever visited in my youth was Florida. although I do have fond (and interesting. ) memories from those trips. seeing a 3-legged alligator and it’s babies. getting heatstroke and throwing up all over my barbie nightgown. riding “It’s A Small World” a million times (seriously) with my then-three-year-old cousin parajumpers kodiak women down parka , parajumpers norge . watching hot air balloons poolside. dipping my toes in the ocean for the first time – Florida doesn’t really qualify as an exciting. exotic place.

I never did the spring break thing in university. either. things like clothes. laptops and gadgets parajumpers kodiak women down parka official . and my car always took financial precedent over travel (though I did enjoy many parajumpers kodiak women down parka . MANY cross-border shopping trips. especially for that duty free liquor. ).

While I was at Humber in my post-grad. I went to New York City for the first time with my mom. sister. and grandmother for a girl’s weekend official parajumpers kodiak women down parka . and the following year. went back for an entire week with my boyfriend. roommate. and girl friend on a journalism “school trip” (officially parajumpers kodiak women down parka . though unofficially we stayed longer and ditched a lot of the conference sessions. which parajumpers kodiak women down parka serial numbers . unfortunately. were fairly bogus).

That trip did it for me. we were in NYC over St. Patrick’s Day. and I really had a blast celebrating somewhere new. that really went all-out. I’d always wanted to see more of the world. but I always found “other things” (see above) more important. and couldn’t justify spending my money on expensive trips. I dreamed of backpacking Europe para jumper jacket in toronto . but wasn’t sure I’d ever really be able to have the courage to, parajumpers adirondack parka . (I’d still like to do that. one day).

But. my boyfriend is well-travelled – he’s been to Isreal. Thailand. South Korea (where he lived for a year). the Dominican. and a bunch of other places I can’t remember. His stories were amazing. and I loved listening to them (and even today. five and a half years later. still don’t mind hearing them for the millionth time).

The last one. I even was travelling alone. which a few years ago is something I never. ever would have done.

My best friend moved to England to teach in 2009. and the first half of my trip was spent visiting her and touring around with her and her boyfriend (now fiance. ) parajumpers jc jacket . As I mentioned. traveling alone was something I never thought I would do. and while planning the trip I was hesitant. until my boyfriend basically talked me into the idea parajumper men jackets . I was nervous as hell leading up to my 5 days alone – but in the end. I really enjoyed it parajumpers sale europe . I had an amazing time. met amazing people in the hostel I was staying at parajumpers kodiak women online . and I loved the freedom of doing what I wanted when I wanted (including crashing at 9 p. m. one night after a day of trains and flights when I was sick with a wicked sinus infection).

I’ve definitely been bitten by the travel bug. and while I know I’m not in a position to just go all willy-nilly and travel everywhere while working abroad or from home while abroad (maybe one day parajumpers long bear sand m . ) I do plan on trying to travel as much as possible. whether it’s a big trip overseas. another trip to Burning Man. or a weekender to a new city in North America.

My next big trip is coming up in October – I just booked my flight a few weeks ago. and I’m excited to announce I’ll be visiting my BFF in England again. but also visiting the Ukraine (sorry. mom parajumpers kodiak women down parka .; ). driving over to Brussels/Bruges with her and her (by then. ) husband. and spending two days in Iceland on my way home. I’m most excited to knock quite a few more things off my travel bucket list. which you’ll find below in no particular order.


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