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In Search of the Big W
After the long. busy get parajumpers jackets toronto . and incredible day I had experienced on Monday. it felt good to sleep in a bit and spend a nice leisurely morning relaxing at Jimmy’s house when I got up on Tuesday. October 7. Cassidy had sent home some of the leftover pizza from the party at her place on Sunday and I had the leftover Olive Garden to snack on in the morning parajumpers jackets toronto . And of course. there was the traditional giant carton of Goldfish crackers which hit the spot while watching some more reruns of It’s Your Move. And naturally. as any good road trip must be preceded by. there was the cermonial reading aloud of the hilarious pamphlet So What About Fin.

We finally got our butts in gear and headed out just before 11am to our first stop of the morning. Jimmy and I had long talked about trying to make a visit to the Big W site from the classic extravaganza film It’s a Mad. Mad. Mad, parajumpers jacket cheap . Mad World. For those who have not actually seen the movie. the plot revolves around total strangers in a treasure hunt to find a wad of buried money under the ‘Big W’ palm trees at a mythical location called the Santa Rosita Beach State Park parajumpers jackets toronto licence . The site was actually located in Rancho Palos Verdes. which is in the southernmost part of Los Angeles County. None of the Wileys had ever been there so we weren’t sure exactly what we were looking for…but knew that it did reside on private property.

It was less than a half-hour away from Jimmy’s place in San Pedro, pjs parajumper kodiak . and when we arrived at the park known as Portuguese Point. we didn’t know exactly how to approach finding what was left of the Big W. One of our friends Earl Kress had visited the location in the 1970’s at which point it was a ‘Big VI’ parajumpers jackets toronto . As the palm trees forming the Big W began to die and collapse. it became the Big V and eventually the Big I. This was how it stood as of the last report in the documentary Something a Little Less Serious. a 1991 documentary about the film find parajumpers jackets toronto .

So although it was rather hot out. Jimmy and I decided to take a hike down the beach to get the closest view possible of the area. It was a good 25 minute walk by the time we climbed down the hill through rattlesnake territory to the beach area and then trudged up the slope at the rear of the property. stopping along the way so that I could wade in the water. You see. this also marked the first time that I had ever stepped into the Pacific Ocean. So no matter how this turned out. I was able to accomplish something new.

So did we see what was left of the Big W. I wish I could give you a conclusive answer parajumpers jackets toronto . I could find nothing on the internet to indicate any follow-up to the saga of the Big W since its documentary appearance in 1991. What we did in fact see was a palm tree of some age (it was tall) that appeared to be sloping in the same direction as the one seen in the doc parajumpers jackets toronto serial numbers . If this wasn’t the tree parajumpers light long bear woman . then the tree no longer stands – because this was most certainly the tree cluster that is now standing on the Big W’s location parajumpers store online . Logic tells me that the tree probably has not survived. If three trees had fallen within the first 30 years. then mostly likely the fourth one had died within 45 years.

After photographing a posing with the Big W area. we climbed the rest of the hill and ended up back on the road, parajumpers mary todd brown . From there we passed in front of the entrance to the park. which incidentally can also be seen briefly in the film as the treasure-hunters enter the park. We got back to the car around noon and headed back to Jimmy’s place in San Pedro parajumpers light long bear black .

There we changed clothes and headed out for our next adventure of the day. But first. I talked Jimmy into eating at the local sushi bar Sushi 21. Bob and I had had lunch here when I was in California the previous Summer. Jimmy had never been here parajumpers store deutschland . and I think he rather enjoyed it. I took one last chance to fill up on the all-you-can-eat (in one hour) array of specialty rolls. stuffing myself to the brim. It made our next event a little uncomfortable parajumpers uk stockists . but hey…that’s the price you pay (in addition to the $24 parajumpers new adirondack woman . 95) parajumpers jackets toronto .


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