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Kelly Upton. Interior Trading Company
My background is in environmental education and through this I have worked with many different community groups and programs original parajumpers jacket replica .

I have always travelled; as a young single women. with my partner and with our children from when they were very young. When I travel. I try to see the world through the eyes of local people parajumpers jacket replica . to get a sense of place and of a life lived differently from mine.

Time and time again I would see women who possessed skills for traditional crafts and produced beautiful work but they would often be underpaid for their work or undervalued for their skills.

Cambodia is a fascinating place but it has a shocking recent history and the people are still recovering slowly. With so many demands competing for funds across the country. the environment is not always receiving the attention that it needs.

In Tonle Sap. the largest lake in south east Asia and located in Cambodia. water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) is a major invasive environmental weed. This plant grows on the surface of the lake and forms a thick. impenetrable blanket restricting navigation for those people living and fishing on the lake.

Women who live on the lake are now harvesting this weed. drying the stems in the sun on their rooftops and weaving the water hyacinth into useful products for Interior Trading Company such as baskets. floor mats and placemats parajumpers jacket replica for sale . Purchasing one of these products can actually make a difference.

My ultimate aim is to bring beautiful home wares that are ethically produced to the Australian market and in doing so. support women in developing communities parajumpers jacket replica .

As I say on our website. The Interior Trading Company aspires to unleash the potential in women activation parajumpers jacket replica . I believe that women across the planet possess skills. determination parajumpers jacket replica . ability and compassion parajumpers jacket replica inexpensive , parajumpers online sale . Not all women though. are in a position to make the most of their potential.

Women in impoverished communities live on an inner strength to keep going. to feed their families parajumpers long bear günstig . to make a better life. Many of these women have traditional skills and produce beautiful para jumper sale . high quality work. Through this work women. and often their daughters. maintain dignity, parajumper jackets montreal . community and value.

By developing a market for the products of these women. their work and their skills increase in value. This enables women to progress. to look after their family and to provide possibilities for their children.

One thing that stands out for me when I spend time with the weaving women in their village or home is how differently we live but how much we also have in common.

On my last trip to Cambodia I travelled with my 14 year old daughter and when we visited the women’s groups together we both felt so comfortable and relaxed in their company. Many of the women are mothers; some even had their very young children with them. We could relate about the same things women do all over the world. We are all concerned for our children, parajumpers kodiak coat . We want them to have opportunities and to be healthy. We all want to have a happy home life and live in comfortable surroundings. We all have work to be done and we all need support in some way.

I really just go with my own instincts on this . I always look for a good design that is practical yet aesthetically pleasing. Once we develop that to a high standard. then we can play with colour variations and modified designs.

The women who make the products have really good ideas and know the limitations and potential of the materials they are working with parajumper jackets reviews . It’s important to me to work closely with the women so that it remains a community focused project parajumpers marina woman .

All of the products of the Interior Trading Co brand are hand-made parajumpers carrierb . hand-checked and packaged. We cannot make huge quantities of product and that’s not our aim. I am more interested in developing a sustainable business that can support the community development initiatives long term parajumpers jacket replica .


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