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Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. a refuge for native wildlife
Locals and tourists have visited the attraction for more than 67 years. making it the areas longest running theme park. What many people don’t realise is that the sanctuary is non-profit, parajumpers kodiak women brown . owned by the National Trust of Queensland and is home to one of the busiest wildlife veterinary surgeries in Australia.

The park’s director of sales and marketing Greg Daven lives and breathes the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and his love for the park is evident when he speaks with knowledge on every aspect of the attraction.

“We are one of the largest and busiest wildlife hospitals anywhere in Australia and each year we release some 45. 000 creatures back in to the wild. ” Mr Daven said.

“Last year a staggering 8. 500 injured or sick native animals were brought through our front door by members of the public. Some have come across them by accident. others have found them after a dog attack and some have accidentally hit them with their vehicle inexpensive parajumpers fur animal . ” he said.

Mr Daven said all money made from the sanctuary was poured back into running and maintaining the park. with any leftover going to the at-capacity wildlife hospital.

“Unfortunately because we don’t have the money the hospital is really like a Mash-style emergency room. we have so many animals coming through and only just enough funds to save their lives. ”

Once they are repaired they are then sent home with volunteer wildlife carers to recover and build up their strength before they are released back into the bush. Mr Daven said an impressive 300 volunteers donated hours of their time to keep the sanctuary and hospital running. Some assist day visitors. others encourage children to become wildlife warriors and then there’s those that work at the hospital.

In 2011 the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary was on the brink of financial ruin with various natural disasters across the world affecting the number of tourists that visited the park. If it had gone under there would have been no way to ensure the survival of the hospital because the theme park was the only stream of income it had. Thinking caps were put on and it was decided that a foundation should be created to raise money for the wildlife hospital. Aptly named The Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Foundation. the aim of this organisation is to raise money for the hospital so it can continue to save native species parajumpers fur animal , parajumpers online . and carry on with important research and monitoring programs. Mr Daven said the foundation gets no funding from state or federal governments and relies on donations and corporate sponsors to fund the crucial work of the veterinary team. in treating. rehabilitating and releasing. sick. injured and orphaned native wildlife parajumpers fur animal licence .

“What people don’t realise is that there is so much more that we could be doing in regards to research and tracking parajumpers fur animal . especially because most of the time when we release native animals we have no way of knowing if they have survived or not. ” he said find parajumpers fur animal , parajumpers kodiak women down parka .

“The work being done at the hospital is nothing short of phenomenal parajumpers fur animal . especially when you look at places such as Taronga Zoo. Their vets have a handful of animals in their hospital everyday and we’re getting some 70 creatures parajumpers fur animal cheap . from cute and cuddly to slippery and slimy and those on the verge of death parajumpers jakke norge . ”

Mr Daven said the hospital precinct is open to the public and there are cameras and audio set up so people can see veterinarians operating and caring for creatures such as koalas. birds. kangaroos and even frogs.

“There is an empathy that grows in people once they see the work we do here. most of the time they walk away feeling touched by what they have witnessed parajumpers new extra longw down jacket black . ” he said.

“Our long-term goal is to shine the spotlight on the great work of the hospital staff and find ways to build up a network of wildlife hospitals up and down the coast so more hospitals can specialise in different species. ” With so much greenery and open space around the Gold Coast. Mr Daven said it was inevitable that the community would come across native animals. it was how they treated them that mattered.

“It’s important that everyone does their best to slow down and be aware that they are sharing their home with some incredible native wildlife. ” he said para jumper jacket online . To find out more about this incredible resource located on the picturesque southern Gold Coast visit www. cws where to buy parajumpers in toronto . org parajumpers for sale montreal . au parajumpers toronto sales . parajumpers fur animal


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