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The Jeanieboy Dream Catchers Netball Academy is returning to south-west Victoria for the third year this October. which aims to inspire young netballers to think positively and follow their dreams.

The Academy parajumpers damen mantel long bear . launched by Jeanieboy director Sarah Wall in 2012 parajumpers damen mantel long bear genuine . is an empowerment and wellbeing program using the passion of many young girl through netball. Sarah invites fellow elite athletes / elite netballers to each session to share their journey with the 30 selected Dream Catchers, parajumpers kids online .

Wall created the academy with the vision of developing leaders in their local netball community and empowering girls. The tailored workshops parajumpers damen mantel long bear . spanning over 2 months incorporates mind. body and soul sessions find parajumpers damen mantel long bear . giving the participants a range of skills to be leaders in their community and control their own destiny.

The Academy is open to netballers under the age of 15 and is at NO COST to the participants.

A dedicated team of coaches for the Dream Catchers will be joining Wall in the sessions. including head coach Katie Burt. program manager Fran Bell and player mentor Brie Reichman. who have been involved in past Dream Catcher Academies. Jess O’Connor. Sophie Barr and Rhiannon Cuomo headlining a star line-up of specialist coaches who will also join the program. being local role models having represented Victoria at the national level parajumpers damen mantel long bear . Ellen Darcy is idolised by the academy as the Dream Catchers patron for her strength as a leader being the first country netballer to hit the big time. captaining the Australian Diamomds in the 1960s.

The link with these influential coaches as role models for the Dream Catchers will encourage participants to follow their dreams and increase their confidence. The life-long impact of these role models during their most vulnerable times of their lives are significant in ensuring they have positive aspirations.

This year the South West Academy of Sport will be a partner for the Dream Catchers Academy.

Wall said she is excited to have the support of the South West Academy of Sport (SWAS).

“The partnership goes hand-in-hand for the future of netball development and netball leaders in the south west. The serves and support they offer regional athletes is so powerful and has a direct link to the Victorian Institute of Sport” Wall said.

“The academy’s purpose is to empower our participants to achieve any goal they put their mind to, parajumpers sale free shipping . One of my key messages is to be a leader in your own life and that every person has their own journey parajumpers damen mantel long bear sale . It's just about getting the best out of yourself. ”

“Another key aspect of the program is community give-back parajumpers outlet online , parajumpers third skimaster jacket . where the 30 selected participants will be required to fulfil voluntary hours within their own netball clubs including coaching. umpiring pjs parajumpers prix . administration and fundraising over the next 12 months. ”

Chief Executive Officer of the South West Academy of Sport. Anne Sissons. says that the program aligns with many of the academy’s purposes.

“We are proud to be a major partner in this program which is a superb fit with SWAS philosophy and with many of our purposes. ” Sissons said.

“With full endorsement from the south-west netball community. our partnership will inspire young women and elite athletes on their journey in the south-west and beyond. ”

Applications for the 2014 South-West Dream Catchers Academy close on the 19th of September parajumpers portland man . with the 30 participants selected on the 30th of September.

The sessions will begin on Thursday the 9th of October.

Key Dates

Applications close. Friday 19th September

Selection announcement. Tuesday 30th September

Session 1 – Mind. Thursday 9th October from 4. 00 – 7. 00pm at Warrnambool Stadium

Session 2 – Body pjs parajumpers kids . Thursday 23rd October from 5. 00 – 7 parajumpers womens coats . 00pm at CamperdownSession

3 – Soul buy parajumpers jacket new york . Thursday 6th November from 5 parajumpers damen mantel long bear . 00 – 7. 00pm at Warrnambool Stadium

Celebration Day. Thursday 13th November at Warrnambool Stadium.


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