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Flu shots, parajumpers kodiak long down parka . suspensions and the O-Team 0
H ey gang. it's Hat Trick Saturday buy parajumpers army jacket . where three burning issues are taken to task. Well. maybe not burning parajumpers army jacket . but certainly the equal of "heinie-rash" status.

In keeping with that motif is the ambiguity of the H1N1 tempest as it applies to professional sports teams parajumpers army jacket for cheap . You have to go no further than Calgary to realize that despite being darlin's of the old West. the Flames discovered you can't jump the line in Alberta.

The situation. where Flame players and staff. along with wives and offspring were given the flu shots while regular Albertans lined up in vain for shrinking supplies of the vaccine parajumpers army jacket . has already led to the firing of a political "Suit" and spawned a government investigation. Add to that. the red-faced backtracking of everyone from Flames captain Jarome Iginla. to team president. Ken King.

Now let's switch our attention to Toronto where the Leafs and Raptors have allegedly gone the same route. According to reports out of the round-ball offices. not all players received the shot. Whether this was attributed to their value to the team, parajumpers kodiak on sale . minutes played. shoe size. a team lottery. personal choice. or flat-out dodging the issue. no-one has yet clarified what the hell this means.

Because in classic cover-your-derriere fashion both the Raptors and Leafs issued responses that basically said they were only following guidelines and protocols, parajumpers new adirondack women . OK. the questions remain. whose guidelines find parajumpers army jacket . and what protocols. I can recall Harold Ballard having guidelines and protocols. Doesn't mean they were valid. or any thinking person would follow them.

Meanwhile. designated priority folk line up in the dark. cold. early dawn in order to wait out what could be a four to five hour delay. some to be turned away entirely. as the Raptors parajumpers army jacket . Leafs. and their significant others seem to fly under the radar.

Which should underline the difference between the two cities. In Calgary there's an eruption of backlash and impatience over their heroes putting up a losing season parajumpers army jacket retail . or jumping the queue in a flu epidemic. In Toronto there's neither parajumpers light long bear parka .

Moving along to the latest in sports indictments. jury decisions. investigations. and sentencing. the OHL announced Erie Otter's Michael Liambas will end his junior career under suspension for a devastating hit on Kitchener rookie defenseman Ben Fanelli.

Liambas. 20. was given a match penalty for boarding the 16-year-old Fanelli. knocking his helmet off and sending him face-first into a metal stanchion. followed by his head hitting the ice parajumpers hughes brown jacket . resulting in skull and facial fractures parajumpers new big bend m . Fanelli is listed as serious but stable in a Hamilton hospital.

What Liambas received from OHL Commissioner Dave Branch was surgical as well. cutting him off from his last season in its entirety. In his decision Branch said what caught his eye "about the hit was the distance travelled and the speed parajumpers long bear 2014 . " but adding "the injury was the most concerning. no question. "

Harsh justice. perhaps. but as it has been suggested in this column several times in the past. the kind of response that would go well in the NHL where the record suggests little consistency and the tendency to split hairs depending on the value of the offending party.

Finally. with the Olympics only 14 weeks away. 12 countries will present their 23-man rosters starting with Belarus on Dec. 23. Russia parajumpers denali jacket . Christmas Day; Sweden Dec. 27; Norway womens parajumpers jacket . Slovakia. and Latvia Dec. 29; the Czech Republic. Finland. Germany. and Switzerland Dec. 30.

Canada's main party-pooper. GM Steve Yzerman. will reveal his team of 13 forwards parajumpers army jacket . seven defencemen. and three goalies on New Year's Eve. just in time for Auld Lang Syne. That's when half of the 46 invited to Team Canada's summer tryout camp will be wondering where it all went wrong for them.

Those crafty. scheming Americans. led by none other than crafty. scheming Brian Burke. will have the chance to peruse all the other lineups and show their cards on New Year's Day.

Let's hope "Burkey" is sporting a Class A. green-apple-puny hangover.

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