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Memories - The best little pal. Jock
Jock. even his name suited him so well. A little hairy hellion at the age of 12 weeks burst into our home 12 ½ yrs ago. We were so worried that our Scottie. Sandie activation parajumpers alaska down jacket . would beat up on him. Upon arriving home with the crate and cautiously opening the door. he bound out in one leap and started bossing Sandie around. She just looked at him. turned around and you could see her reaction…Kids.. This little fire ball of energy raised hell at his first puppy class. At six months of age he was super smart. did all he was told but would not leave some of the other puppies alone parajumpers alaska down jacket . He particularly thought it great fun to pluck hairs out of a Papillon’s tail when she wasn’t looking parajumpers alaska down jacket sale . Nothing we tried persuaded him to stop. Then came the agility classes at a year old. He again was a super smart. scaling the highest object, parajumpers kodiak italy . jumping through hoops. throw anything at him and he was game. Except his life long hatred for large male dogs. In disgrace I had to pull him out of the class…. Really Jock trying to take on the Akita and the Doberman was not a good idea.

As the years went by you were an amazing companion. Never leaving my side. At four you had a lot of your teeth removed and I was so worried and scared for you. but in true Cairn fashion you jumped back the next day without a hitch. ate all your food and wanted more parajumpers alaska down jacket . We then lost Sandie to cancer and I was so afraid you would mourn her as she raised you from a puppy and showed you the ropes. Again in true Jock behavior activation parajumpers alaska down jacket . it just meant more treats for you that you didn’t have to share parajumpers alaska down jacket . At six you started having a lot of tummy problems. Tests. liver biopsies and more ultrasounds showed that you had active chronic hepatitis. The outlook wasn’t good and we prayed you would be with us a bit longer. Somebody forgot to tell you that your liver wasn’t in the greatest shape so you just carried on. Home made diets. lots of herbal supplements from our vet at the time stopped your tummy issues and life carried on as usual. You guarded our house like a fierce warrior. Who needed an alarm system … you would have thrown your life down for us I am sure if a stranger had dared enter your abode.

Your liver issues were a constant worry and I decided that doing more tests wasn’t going to do anything but make me a wreck. You didn’t care… parajumpers alaska down jacket original . You had Ms Ball to play with. you had your garden parajumpers sale 2014 . your walks and us. We took you out to a friend’s cottage a few years ago and you thought that was pretty nifty.. jumping up on their coffee table and falling asleep parajumpers long bear blog . The wedding of a niece in British Columbia saw the three of us on a long road trip. Again such a smart boy, parajumpers jackets price . you just settled down in the back of the car and had a good long sleep. with potty breaks and treats parajumpers outlet men . it was all just a new adventure. You patiently waited for us in the hotel room. knowing full well that no harm would come to you because your two uprights loved you more than anything they possessed.
More teeth had to be extracted as you reached 11 yrs old and I was so scared. so frightened that we would lose you under anesthetic. But our wonderful vets made sure you had the best care and your overnight stay sounded like you did ok parajumpers sale nederland . I was a basket case at home. Again you bounced back in no time… minus a few more teeth. But home cooked fish and potatoes didn’t need a lot of chewing.

Then Rosie the baby Scottie came into our lives. A long journey, hvor kjøpe parajumpers i oslo . over ten hours. to Moosomin Saskatchewan. You sat back in disgust when on the journey back to Edmonton you were forced to share the car with this kid parajumpers store . But in time you grew to enjoy her company. rolling around the floor with her while growling like you were going to kill her. You both loved it. You did a great job of raising her parajumpers marisolw .

And now illness has showed its ugly hand and we had to send you on your next journey. I hope your spirit soars Jock parajumpers alaska down jacket . I hope you are pain free. I hope you and Sandie are once again running with the joy of being alive. I miss you so much my dear lovely wee boy. Till we meet again.


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