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Perspective. Smoking and recovery
When I took my first fourth step (yes – the first of many. and I will address the topic of doing more than one fourth step another time). my sponsor and I were in his truck original parajumper parka sale . He planned the venue for two reasons parajumper parka sale . The first was so that I could share without fear of anyone else hearing. This was important. because “the torrent of dammed-up emotions” the 12 and 12 talks about came spewing out of me. with all the accompanying sobs and tears. For a 220-pound construction labourer parajumper parka sale activation . whose emotions had been frozen below the throat since his teens. this release was crucial to feeling “on the Broad Highway. walking hand in hand with the Spirit of the Universe. ”

The other reason he chose his truck as the setting was so that I could smoke. Immediately after we had finished the sharing. I felt emotionally drained and lit up a cigarette. taking a huge drag which I could feel in my feet. A few things occurred to me in that moment. The first was my selfishness – my sponsor is a non-smoker. and a vehicle in January is a cloying place to be in close quarters with a smoker. The second was that I had a moment of clarity. I had just taken a large step on the road to Recovery. and I was very conscious of feeling high from the nicotine I was inhaling parajumper parka sale . It wasn’t the nearness of my Creator that was altering my mood. it was the drug official parajumper parka sale , parajumpers kodiak long coat .

I asked my sponsor if he minded if I smoked. He said no. and that he understood why I was still leaning on cigarettes, parajumpers randall parka . I asked him if he had ever smoked parajumper parka sale . and his answer stunned me parajumper parka sale discount . He said yes. he had – two packs of DuMaurier regular a day for all of his teens. as well as all of his adult life until he was a year or two sober. That fact floored me. In the same fashion that I could not envision him injecting heroin into his jugular. but I knew he had from his story parajumpers anchorage parka . I could also not envision him with a cigarette in his mouth.

I made my decision then and there. and asked my Higher Power for help. He gave it to me months later. in the form of pre-cancerous growths in my mouth (from smoking). Another way of saying it would be that I moved from the contemplation stage into action.

I stopped whining about the ill effects of cigarettes. as well as continuing to engage in consumption of an addictive mind-altering substance. which was beyond my power to control anymore. and had been for a long time. In other words parajumper women gobi . I took Step One.

This is exactly the point where the ‘non-smokers’ become self-righteous and those ‘still-smoking-in-recovery’ dig in their heels and rationalize. I have no desire or inclination to tell anyone what to do or not do. or to assess the quality or depth of their recovery. From a personal standpoint of experience. I found that continuing to smoke cigarettes and to claim being clean from drug use was contradictory – at heart. dishonest with myself in a program of rigorous honesty. I also found that when I detoxed from cigarettes (which took about a week). I was viciously craving both alcohol and cocaine parajumpers fit guide . Gratefully. I had “the simple kit of spiritual tools” at my feet. and was forced “by circumstance rather than any virtue” to pick them up and use them, parajumpers jacket wiki . It was eerily similar to “the lash of alcoholism” that drove me to AA in the first place parajumpers jakke dame . Happily. I have experienced that the 12 Steps do indeed work when practiced in all my affairs. I have been. as far as cigarettes are concerned parajumpers kodiak price . “restored to sanity” for five continuous years. one day at a time.

Now for the hard science.

Over 75% of all people reporting cocaine as their primary substance of abuse smoke cigarettes as well. That number jumps to over 83% for people who report alcohol as their primary substance of abuse.

Pharmacologically speaking parajumpers jakke dk . is someone who smokes by definition a drug addict. And by extension. is someone who has quit smoking and is a member of a 12-step fellowship parajumper parka sale . an addict in recov.


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