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Insights. VISION. MISSION. PRIORITIES and more cheap parajumper gobi jacket review .
“All students will learn to their full potential and develop the ability. passion parajumper gobi jacket review . and imagination to pursue their dreams and contribute to their community. ”

This is the proposed Vision. which the District Priorities Committee will be bringing to the full Board for approval next Tuesday night at Public Board. What do you think.

The full wording for the proposed Vision. Mission and 2011-14 Priorities can be found at http. //www. epsb. ca/board/march08_11/item03. pdf (See Appendix 1).

Please take a look. I am proud of where we have arrived. but still open to any final comments anyone might have.

This Statement is the culmination of several months of thinking. asking. listening. discussing. listening some more. challenging and being challenged. and creating. Thank you so much to all those who took the time to come out to the Centre for Education or Johnny Bright School to provide feedback in person OR participated online in the Board’s consultation efforts, parajumper gobi jacket review . A summary of what people said can be found attached to the Priorities report in Appendix 3. and if you compare the draft version to the final proposed version. I believe you will see your ideas and comments have made a difference.

My personal take is that while we were certainly on the right track conceptually with our original version parajumper gobi jacket review for sale . there was definite room for improvement. I will rely on you to let me know if this new version is improved … and perfect.

And we will see what the full Board thinks on Tuesday night parajumper gobi jacket review . This decision is one of the most important decisions a Board makes in its term. so I look forward to the discussion cheap parajumper gobi jacket review . Why is this decision so important. Because once approved. all work in the district (including the Board’s own work) is focused around the Priorities. The exact process of how the Priorities become “live on the ground” and how we track our progress is indicated in the Next Steps part of the accompanying Board report.


All are welcome. Parking is available underground or stay warm at home and watch the webcast of this meeting at http. //www. livestream. com/edmontonpublicschools.

In addition to the Vision. Mission parajumper gobi jacket review . and Priorities recommendation. the following is on the agenda… and you can find all reports here. http parajumper gobi jacket review on sale . //www. epsb. ca/board/march0811_agenda. shtml

Motion on LGBTQ. Trustee Spencer has moved that we should develop a policy to affirm the provision of a welcoming environment for all students and staff who are lesbian. gay. bisexual. transsexual/transgendered. or queer (LGBTQ). Attached to the motion are policies and regulations from Victoria and Vancouver and our own Safe. Caring parajumpers hooded coat . and Respectful Learning Environments policy. Informing the debate will also be what is being done in the district already to welcome LGBTQ folks http. //www. epsb. ca/board/dec14_10/item06, parajumpers jassen men . pdf (starting on page 5) and work underway in other districts in Alberta and in other provinces http. //www, parajumpers kodiak jacket . epsb parajumpers kodiak xs . ca/board/february08_11/item08. pdf (starting on page 2). People may also want to read through our Respectful Working Environments policy http. //www parajumpers w long bear down parka . epsb. ca/policy/gbca. bp parajumpers navy jacket . shtml and the associated regulations. http. //www. epsb. ca/policy/gbca parajumpers hat . ar. shtml

Our Support (CUPE 3550). Custodial (CUPE 474) and Maintenance (CUPE 784) staff group presidents will be sharing their budgeting and planning suggestions with the Board. Looking forward to it.

In “Requests for Information” there is information on 1) operating two standard school calendars in Calgary Public and the advantages and disadvantages of this for EPSB. 2) pool use within the JUA and accessibility for swim teams parajumpers long bear down coat . etc.. 3) Physical Education requirements and practices. 4) Cancellation of Recess practices. and 5) criteria for expanding Chinese Bilingual program into new schools.

How can we help students thrive in an inclusive education system. Provide your perspectives parajumper gobi jacket review . http. //epsb. ca/mediareleases/110223_2. shtml.


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