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Bring Multimedia Into Your Contact Center – and Drive ROI
The term “call center” is going the way of the Dodo authentic buy parajumpers jacket . giving way instead to “contact center” to reflect the additional modes of communication companies now deal with buy parajumpers jacket . With the change also comes opportunity buy parajumpers jacket discount . as forward thinking companies are taking advantage of technologies that deliver real return on investment from their contact centers.

In addition to phone calls, parajumpers new adirondack parka schwarz . today’s contact center also needs to also be able to handle customers who prefer to communicate via email. Web chat sessions and social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Customer expectations vary depending on the medium – they understand the response time to an email is far different than that for chat – but in general customers are increasingly less patient with slow response times. no matter how they contact a company.

But companies that create effective strategies for dealing with multimedia contacts will find they can actually drive return on investment from their contact centers. as detailed in the new Carousel Industries white paper. “4 Ways to Increase ROI from Contact Centers. ”

With contacts coming in from various sources. companies need a way to ensure they are dealing with each effectively buy parajumpers jacket . Fortunately, parajumpers jacke jungen . tools are available to enable contact centers to aggregate all forms of communication and put them into a single. universal queue. They can then apply business rules to distribute the contacts to the most appropriate agent.

Perhaps one group of agents is dedicated to phone calls but also handles emails during slower calling periods. Others may be adept at dealing with chat sessions and can likewise handle emails when they have time.

Companies can also build rules based on the content of the email or chat. using tools that can “read” the messages buy buy parajumpers jacket . determine what the subject is. and send it to an agent with expertise in that area. Or. companies may opt to employ software that auto-responds to certain queries with a pre-determined message when appropriate. thus lessening the burden on agents.

Aggregating contacts helps drive ROI in several ways buy parajumpers jacket . For one. you can get rid of the silos of applications that many contact centers have – one for phone calls. another for email buy parajumpers jacket sale . a third for chat and another for social media. Instead parajumpers long bear champagner . you have a single. all-encompassing call center tool. one that’s not only easier to manage but more effective.

Secondly. you’ll be able to respond in a more timely fashion to customer queries. while ensuring that contacts don’t fall through the cracks and never garner a response. That will mean improved customer service and enhanced customer loyalty. all of which drives sales parajumpers store germany , parajumper ski jacket .

You may also be able to reduce the number of call center staff you need by taking advantage of capabilities such as auto-response to emails and by handling queues more effectively parajumpers jacka barn .

Leading companies are also now wrapping social media into their contact centers. In many organizations. the marketing department launched initial social media efforts and have maintained control ever since. That means as customers interact with the company parajumpers kids online shop . the marketing department is responsible for responding.

That creates a disconnect between customers and the people who are trained to interact with them – the contact center agents parajumpers web store . What’s more. marketing groups are often not equipped with the personnel to respond to service-based social media interactions.

Bringing social media into the contact center means companies can apply the same business rules to those contacts as to phone calls and emails. as well as measurements to ensure agents with an appropriate skill set deal with issues in a timely fashion. It can also help you react more quickly and effectively if a customer posts on Facebook or Twitter about some issue he’s having with one of your products parajumpers long bear parka . Instead of the issue taking on a life of its own and reflecting badly on your brand buy parajumpers jacket . you end up getting points for being responsive – which has significant ROI potential.

To learn more about how to drive ROI from your contact center. download the free white paper. “4 Ways to Increase ROI from Contact Centers. ”.


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