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When did we lose the essence of patchwork.
Late last year I started (again) cleaning up my sewing room genuine buy parajumpers jacket new york . I could do this every day. I never really make any progress but I do have fun and I can easily pass a few hours without really getting anywhere buy parajumpers jacket new york . (that’s another story altogether. ). Anyway while doing this cleaning up (shifting things around) I discovered again my bag of patchwork squares. It’s grown over time and yes it has been used to great success over the last few years too. Anyway on this particular day I decided I really needed to make some serious impact on its contents.
Chris wandered past to see me sewing intently buy parajumpers jacket new york for sale . “I thought you were cleaning up ” he queried. baffled. “I am” I replied passionately. He walked away shaking his head. bemused.
I had decided to make another quilt top to use up the squares. I certainly don’t need to make another quilt top. it’s not even high on my list of things to make/do/finish. but I was cleaning up. Just like with food I love to use up leftovers. Nothing feels better than using up.

So while sewing away I got to thinking how my favourite quilts are always those that make do. use up buy parajumpers jacket new york . scrap quilts activation buy parajumpers jacket new york . I love nothing better than an interesting quilt with a story. think the quilts of Gees Bend buy parajumpers jacket new york . Don’t get me wrong I have long admired those amazing intricately machine embroidered art quilts. but everything coordinated buy parajumpers jacket new york buy . everything matching parajumpers sale uk . everything perfect is just not for me.
When patchwork made it’s debut it was about using up scraps parajumpers outlet online . This message was reinforced at the Quilts 1700-1945 exhibition I recently viewed at QGOMA and wrote about on this blog, parajumpers gobi xl . Later pjs parajumpers prix . American pioneer women venturing west in covered wagons wrote home to the East. requesting remnants from new clothes. while old clothing was cleverly cut so that the least worn pieces could be sewn together to make quilts for family. keeping favourite fabrics and their memories close at hand.

While there have always been “best quilts” parajumpers portland man , parajumpers ioffer . silks and satins. finely stitched. the needle art of patchwork and quilting was an egalitarian form of sewing that allowed all to participate and create.
So when did making a quilt turn into an exercise that can easily cost around six or seven hundred dollars. even more if it is professionally quilted pjs parajumpers kids . Aren’t we losing the essence of the art when we micro match all of the fabrics. collecting stashes of coordinated ranges of the latest fabrics.
These thoughts entered my head earlier this year when visiting a major Craft Show. At some of the fabric stands you could sign up for “Block of the Month” quilt tops which would end up costing around $600. 00 or more. Add on to that wadding. backing and outsource quilting (if desired) and the latest designer fabric quilt could easily be $1000. 00. For many this type of cost makes it prohibitive to produce these special quilts.

Yes we all enjoy the latest, parajumpers adirondack parka . who can resist a new piece of fabric. I myself have a great collection of fabrics and always enjoy the thrill of seeing and buying some new materials parajumpers womens coats .
So with good intentions of making a dent in the scrap bag I revisited an earmarked page in the French quilt book Le petit Monde by Jacqueline Morel and joined lots of squares and then cut larger ones for the main body of the quilt. I then had to purchase a border fabric to pull them all together as of course I had nothing in the amount needed that worked well with this eclectic mix of prints.

Finally this week I got back to sewing the quilt top together. Framing the fabric squares with the border fabric. of course (as often happens) I ran out. (I needed another six or so strips about 10cm long and approx. 4cm wide) buy parajumpers jacket new york .

For a brief moment the thought crossed my mind to go on what could end up being an exhaustive search for a small piece of the fabric. However. putting my thoughts of making do and using up what I already owned into action. I decided to rummage through what I had and use something close. that is make do. And you know what I think it looks just fine. I hope you do too.


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